Friday, March 09, 2007

A "Poll" with everything in it: Arab racism, Islamofascism, Biased (Arabist-BBC) media

A "Poll" with everything in it:

  • Arab racism
  • Islamofascism
  • Biased (Arabist-BBC) media

    The Effect of Arab Muslim Hezbullah Islamo-fascists in using kids as shields, demonizing Israel

    Just a bit after (the June/2006 Hezbullah-Israel war) that bloodthirsty Islamic-Huzbullah Human shields trick in Lebanon to cause Arab Kids' deaths so to pin it on the Zionists, the biased BBC rushed to conduct a 'polI' who is looked upon negatively.
    Israel, Iran & US came out on top.

    Islamofascism, Muslim countries, bah!

    Israel, of course, has long provoked sharp international reactions, and last year was involved in a controversial war in Lebanon. … Israel is viewed most negatively in the Muslim countries of the Middle East, although also in Europe.

    Timing & the BBC

    Israel is viewed quite negatively in the world, possibly because the poll was conducted less than six months following the Israel/Hezbollah war in Lebanon. On average, 56 percent have a mainly negative view of the country,

    As global Arab racism is a hard fact:
    Then you have the Arabs (Syrian & Lebanese) in Brazil, their overwhelming power...

    In Latin American and Asia, Brazil (72 percent) and MUSLIM Indonesia (71 percent) were the most negative, respectively. Nations that were most positive about Israel were Nigeria (45 percent positive), the US (41 percent), and Kenya (38 percent)...
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