Friday, February 23, 2007

Islamic Shrek "shrine" [EuroNews, what Islamization has gotten over you?]

Islamic Shrek "shrine" [EuroNews, what Islamization has gotten over you?]

Dear EuroNews, Hello!

Regarding your report on 23 February 2007: Police and Palestinians clash at Islamic shrine in Jerusalem

What an outrageous approach & language?

What on earth has anti-Israel fascism & gross lies gotten in to you?

Even if you would like to appear as a radical Arabist, at least don't change historic facts.

At first I thought it was a satire, "Islamic shrine" is What? the Jewish temple?

Even in usual anti-Israel standards, this is pretty pathetic.

Really scary, in fact.

So you want to buy Islamic-Jihad propaganda that the Jewish temple is also revered by Muslims, just because of what Muhammad has said that "he had a dream about it?"

OK! we have been used to that PC.

But an "islamic shrine"?

Even for European site, you have gone too far.

The least a propagandist that bows [in any case, be it cartoons, Pope's branding Islam as nothing but violent, arresting terrorists in Europe, Arab Muslim immigrants' intifadah in Paris, etc.] to "whatever the violent Muslim protesters/murderers claim" could do is that "the site is holy for both", but not to make it flat out: "islamic".

Where's the lies-limit?

In fact this pattern of changing facts because of fear/terror, is nothing but Islamic terrorism at it's best, a SHREK in deed.

Now, that's an Islamic shrine alright!

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