Sunday, November 18, 2007

FYI: (Even) Jimmy Carter does NOT believe there's ANY "apartheid" there...

CARTER: I chose that title knowing that it would be provocative.
(COSTELLO: But when it came to this controversial passage on page 213, that reads, in part, "It is imperative all Palestinian groups make it clear they would end the suicide bombings when international laws and the ultimate goals of the roadmap to peace are accepted by Israel."

Students told Carter the line suggests suicide bombings are tactic used in war and should only be stopped when peace comes. Carter did bend there. And for the first time since the controversy began, apologized.

CARTER: That sentence was worded in a completely improper and stupid way, for which I have apologized to many audiences.

COSTELLO: As for whether Carter brokered another peace accord with that mea culpa, Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, who rebutted Carter's remarks, says no.

PROF. ALAN DERSHOWITZ, HARVARD UNIVERSITY: This was the Brandeis speech, and then there's the Al-Jazeera speech in which he mentions none of the above.


CARTER: You'd have a hard time finding others that think that. You know, when I write a book of this kind, with admittedly a provocative title -- and I use the word provocative not in a negative sense, but just to provoke debate and to provoke discussion.discussion.

In other words, Jimmy Carter himself doesn't actually believe in any existing of a so called "apartheid..." there, he just chose a PROVACOTIVE language to provoke debate.

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