Thursday, June 28, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Hamas-Fatah: Torture and Calm

EXCLUSIVE: Hamas-Fatah: Torture and Calm

Hamas claims this is a photo of a Fatah officer torturing a Hamas member.

Hamas operatives counter, claiming that Fatah brutality is the root cause of the troubles in the Gaza Strip. The Media Line has obtained footage, in which a leading Hamas member presents what he says is conclusive proof that Fatah men tortured members of his group.

The Media Line sent a camera crew into the heart of Gaza, where Western journalists simply fear to tread. This is part of that footage, which is being distributed across the globe, giving viewers a first look at the reality that Gaza has become, since Hamas claimed victory.

Gaza - Tunnel with No Light

(TML Photos)
“It’s not black and white, it’s just black,” said a leading professor from Gaza’s Al-Azhar University, in looking at Gaza, two weeks after Hamas claimed a convincing victory in its battle with Fatah. While some speak of calm returning to the streets of Gaza, we hear a bleak forecast for the area’s future.

Hamas and Hamas alone is in control of the strip, according to the professor.

Gaza Kids Receive Water from an Unusual Source
(TML Photos)

The Media Line’s cameras recorded an unusual meeting of Palestinian children and Israeli soldiers on the day Hamas defeated Fatah, and Israeli troops rolled briefly into Gaza.

The turret of an Israeli Merkava tank opens and its commander throws bottles of fresh water to the thirsty children.

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