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On: Goals of Arabs in media, The Notorious Arabist

On: Goals of Arabs in media, The Notorious Arabist
paper 'The Independent' intentional confusion,  Iraq, Sudan, Slavery &
Arab racism


Monday, March 26, 2007


Actually, what I am about to write on, I could, unfortunately, go on &
on about most days when referring to such media outlets as
the biased-dependent "Independent".

However I feel that once & a while you reach that point that you just
have to say something about it.


I read the article by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown "It's understanding we need, not
apologies". (Re: Tony Blair's apology for slavery).


Actually she starts off not too bad, but then she makes that turn, that
typifies her kind all too well.


Arab writers are all about influencing the west not to be objective


I was amused only until I actually, finally got angry, this seemingly so
"innocent" piece is so typical by Arab writers, by Arab (international lobby)
policy shapers & global pushers, in EU, UN & all over the world.


As oppose to a Jewish writer you'd ask?
Yes, actually, most Jewish
writers in ANY media are not to delicate when it comes to criticize harshly the
only Jewish state/refuge, and they hardly make a secret about it.

Be it in own Israeli newspapers, [much is being only used by anti-Israel
bigots to tarnish Israel without ever appreciating this Israel's own very
openness],  Israel is probably one of the most, if not the most self
criticized countries in the world.

As well as the vat majority of Jewish writers in NYTimes, LATimes, CNN
reporters, etc. will never hesitate to be tough on the Zionists, albeit it's
actually too much of it.


[Most] Arab writers however can never bring themselves to objective
true moments, the heck with journalism, fairness, or any value of sincerity for
that matter, No! I am not referring to the Al Jazeera/Arabyia, but rather the
Arab writers, in the western media, with a few rare exceptions,
they'll routinely diminish Arab made crimes as non-existing or even as
"victimized", the primer example is of course the "Palestinian" aggression that
causes Israeli defenders to put up walls/checkpoints to protect themselves from
genocide by Islamofascists, but Arab international lobby is successfully coining
drama words, (invented in-between one plan of a deliberate attack on innocent
Israelis and another,) like "apartheid" or other mushrooms wording on Israel's
life-savings methods, it is enormously successful in pushing the UN to
"criticize" Israel, never mind this multi-racial country that has Arab
representatives in all government branches,  or the phenomenon in
the opposite direction in the democratic country like the long
list of Israeli government's favoritism on... Arabs over Jews, when real
apartheid in Arab Muslim world goes ignored, even the 'Palestinian' one that has
the ethnic cleansing policy of 'No Jews, or no non-Arabs allowed'.


At times it reminds me of those staged media scenes in Gaza where they
orchestrate a woman crying before the cameras, or ' heroic stone throwing',
sometimes the reporter will even give them the sign when to start, it
has been documented as 'Pallywood'.


Every interview is seen by them as nothing but one more tool in their
propaganda, there is no free thinking, honesty ha \s no place at most occasions
when they speak to us.


One of the few exceptions are those of the likes of Joseph
Farah & his href="http://wnd.com">http://wnd.com .


How's that related to Yasmin's piece you wonder?
Well, I suggest you pay
attention to her criticism of Tony Blair's historic apology on Britain's part in
What could be so wrong about such a positive thing you might wonder,
no, Yasmin manages to put dirt on this too, as long as she can squeeze in the
'Iraq issue' (' Arab victim-hood' syndrome, and just Who kills her Muslim
brothers & sisters everyday, Is it the Christians, Crusaders, is it the
Zionists, Is it Buddhists, Is it Tony Blair, Is it Bush, or is it her own so
dear Arab Muslim brethren? And why Don't I see any Arab Muslim writer decrying
their brothers on brothers crimes? But the low part is really her attempt to tie
it all to 'Arab & Muslim victimhood' without mentioning thje real
She writes:
"How can Tony Blair say sorry for slavery when he
will never apologise for Iraq"?
In other words, blacks' suffering are
null & void, the Arabs'  & ONLY their condition is what
Ever heard of Arab supremacy?
Keep on reading, here she twists
the facts entirely to hide the facts of Arab racism on non-Arab Africans in
Sudan, Chad, Mauritania &, yes Slavery today by... Arab slave
She writes:
"how does the EU let the genocide in Darfur carry
on? Easy, they are only blacks..."

Wow, I could have sworn she was
talking about the racist Arabs that slaughter their "brethren" Muslims that
their sin is 'not being of the Arab super-race', gang-raping them while calling
them "abid" & zurka", I am pretty sure Yasmin knows what the Arab racist
slur for "Abid" & "Zurka" is, far better than non-ArabTony Blair would ever


Why on earth wouldn't Yasmin mention the fact that it's Arab powerful
nations that don't let the UN & other bodies to do anything about Arab
Janjaveed's & Arab backed government in Darfur?
Is it about "Darfurians
being blacks", or is it really about "covering for Arab crimes", whether it's
Sudan, Chad, or in Lebanon by Hezbollah's human shields (we all saw UN's outcry
at Qana, but not on the real perpetrators that are the only ones that always
rejoice when their ploy of causing Arab kids' deaths finally comes through
successfully and in a manner they can smear Israel for it) or the same type
of crimes by 'Palestinian' Hamas on their own children.

Did any of us hear the term 'human shields by Arabs on their own kids' as
at a fraction of as many times we have all heard again & again, the pathetic
"apartheid" slur in vain?

And Why in fact does' the UN convene on the real crimes against humanity
but on balloons & slurs?


There you have it, 1) The Arab racism in demonizing the west, 2)
Wish-washing Arabs' crimes.

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