Monday, January 08, 2007

Some might be 'anti-Israel' but no one is 'pro-Arab-Palestinian'

Some might be 'anti-Israel' but no one is 'pro-Arab-Palestinian'

Often one might be asked to be put in a decisive vote, if he or she is 'pro Israel' or pro-"Palestinian".

Well, here is a sketch of structure of today's international politics:
It is no secret, many Europeans in their political & even power competition with the US play with the middle east as a battle field, not only did it play a role in objecting the operation in Iraq, (which ultimately had an effect on world opinion in general against the war & partly in it's failure), but even in the Arab-Israeli conflict, the trend to hasty blindly "condemn" Israel is "in style", no matter what the fats are on the ground - of course.
The UN is the biggest open "secret" of a body occupied almost entirely by Arab nations & ot's oil power.
Then you have the Arab nations themselves.
All of the above you would expect to be automatically 'pro-Palestinian-Arabs', but no, not really, the same as 'anti-Israel' is not necessarily 'pro-Palestinian'.
Not one nation has ever really helped the 'Arab -Palestinians, let alone non Arab nations, but even the Arab "brothers" themselves actually have a double interest in NOT changing the 'Palestinian' condition/situation:
A) It serves them as a great diversion from it's own dictatorial problems & friction, aggrevation from it's own population.
B) A wonderful excuse in a weapon against the west with a story of "grievances with the west".
Let's put it this way if even one Arab nation had ANY interest in helping their Arab-Palestinian brothers (not just political aid for terrorists & any other self inflicting phenomenon in their cult(ure) or a few symbolic pennies here & there for their economy), they would have had much a long, long time ago, not only a state.
Because 'anti-Israel' has a lot of resources and motivations, but there just ISN'T any pro-"Palestinian"'.


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