Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Random checkpoints

Random checkpoints (from David Frankfurter)
Dear Friends,

I mentioned in October that the world is beginning to treat Palestinian complaints about Israel's security barrier as sour grapes over difficulties terrorists face in trying to murder Israeli women and children. But the fence is not complete, and used alone it is far from perfect.
Never dissuaded from duping naïve politicians and the media, I have seen many reports of pressure on Israel to stop what is presented by the Palestinian propaganda machine as "random checkpoints" in the West Bank. It is clearly true that when the IDF sets up a roadblock anywhere, it disrupts daily life. They are used when specific intelligence indicates a need to protect Israeli citizens.
Attached is a rare report where the IDF gives specific insight into its modus operandi. It is similar to the arrest of Israeli Arab Warud Qasem, caught in the West Bank transporting a bomb intended to blow up a restaurant in my home town.
I wonder what extra proof the world needs to admit that, like the security fence, Israeli patrols and roadblocks are a direct consequence of Palestinian terror attempts?

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December 3rd, 2006 IDF SPOKESPERSON UPDATE Two terrorists planning a suicide bombing arrested yesterday near Jenin
Now released for publication: Two Palestinian terrorists involved in the planning of executing suicide bombing against Israel were arrested yesterday, December 2nd 2006, by an IDF force in a temporary checkpoint near the village of Qaffin, west of Jenin. The two are Osmat Tsabah, 19 and Ahmed Tahama, 21
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