Friday, December 01, 2006

Arab Leaders/States Crimes on the "Palestinians"

Arab Treatment of Palestinians

Arab Bloggers: Palestinian Suffering good for Arab Elites

Jordan Doesn´t Want Palestinian Influx

Jordan doesn't want Palestinian influx. Thursday, November 30, 2006 3:37 PM. Of course they don't, they along with the arab nations never did want them

Lawsuit exposes Federal cover-up of Saudi-funded terrorist net in Florida ... As King Fahd said, “next to the Jews, we hate the Palestinians the most",Simply put, the Saudi Government was laundering money through Florida charities run by USF Professor Sami Al Arian for the support of terrorist groups in the Middle East. Through the Al Arian network and others, the Saudi Government secretly funded Al Qaida, Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The Saudi purpose was twofold: the destruction of the State of Israel and the prevention of the formation of an independent Palestinian State.The secret Saudi goal was to create such animosity between Israel and the Palestinian Authority that it would wreck any chance for the creation of an independent Palestinian State.Their tactics specifically called for the intimidation or murder of those Palestinians who were willing to work with Israel for peace.

Israel, the Arabs and Human Rights How does Israel's record compare with that of the Arab world? In 1970, during the so-called "Black September" uprising, Jordan killed 3400 Palestinians in just ten days. In 1976, the Syrian army killed over 23000 ...

Jordan Expels the PLO in 1970, attacks now called "Black September" by the PLO

Over 5000 Arabs were killed according to some sources, mostly by British. ... 1970, "Black September"- King Hussein of Jordan

The suffering Palestinians, Kuwait simply clapped its hands and expelled up to 300000 Palestinians.

Iraq's Palestinians in bull's-eye - Los Angeles Times,0,47477.story?coll=la-home-headlines

War on Iraq will intensify Palestinian suffering National Catholic

Who is Responsible for Palestinian Suffering? Palestinians have gotten the short end of the stick in the Arab society. They are kept in poverty and turmoil because it suits the leadership of the Arab world to keep them in this position. What better way to do it than to take away every last means of dignity and power, shift the attention of the average Arab towards the perfect target- Jews. You don't believe me? Then ask yourself why Jordan, Egypt or Syria didn't they give the Palestinians a country when they were the ones who had our land? Why didn't they give Jerusalem to the Palestinians and why do they expect more of Israel? If I hear one more time a non Palestinian, especially American Muslims ,repeat the phrase "Over 50 years of the Zionist occupation" I'm going to burst. Can no one actually read history? I don't mean ancient history, I'm talking about 1948-1967. Who had that land? Even with the assumption that they wanted the Palestinians to have "all" their land, there is no excuse for not giving them an independent state. And we blame Israel?

Let's take this another step. The Arab world is full of Palestinians. Yes, the same Arab world that pretends to care and wants to fan the fire of the poor Palestinians and get so exited when they are killed. Yes, the same Arab world that sits by the TV to watch a young Palestinian get killed by Israel in order to justify their hate of the Jews right before they go to their cozy beds. The same Arab world that has taught the Palestinians to fight. That same Arab world will not give a Palestinian citizenship. Now the argument that it is because they will go home to their rightful land doesn't sit well with me. Even if that is so, to me it indicates an admission that they do not have a land. What are they to do in the mean time? Why can't they give them equal rights? Why can't they go to schools for free? Why can't they get the same jobs and pay as the person who was born and grew up the their same area? Where is that love, for that matter, where is that hate for for Israel that they use the Palestinian issue to justify?
Let's go to the refugees! First the Arab Governments starts with the scare tactics, then they take what ever they could from the United States and Israel and then they stick them in camps with deplorable living conditions.

WHY? Why didn't they leave them alone in their homes? Why did they promise them refuge and reward them with what are essentially prison camps? And most of all, why didn't they provide them with homes in the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan heights when they had control over them? Please do not say "Money". The Palestinian refugees receive aid from all over the world and yet, they don't seem to have a better living conditions. The "hosting" Governments siphons off some money into its' pockets and the Palestinian authority, or lack of it, siphons off the rest and as a result the poor deserving people get nothing...


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