Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Flotilla "aid humanitarian peace" ship to Kurdish victims of racist oppressive Islamic apartheid Turkey?

A Flotilla ship to Kurdish victims of Islamic oppressive apartheid Turkey?

Can someone send a Flotilla 'humanitarian aid peace activism' ship to the Kurdish freedom fighters against Islamic Apartheid racist Turkey?

5 Killed in Attack on Turkish Military New York Times - Sebnem Arsu June 22, 2010 Turkish police inspected the wreckage of a military bus after a roadside bomb killed four people and injured 15 on Tuesday in Istanbul.

Rhetoric question, since when do Muslims care about their Palestine Arab "brothers", all they can do is covert them into gameboys in propogating their agenda.

Still think the Arab-Islamic lobby's controlled UN cares about any victims when/if not pushed by that lobby? Think again.

Oh, and the MSM? Were it not for the impact of the so called 'angry Arab street, [agitated by their terrible leaders] they wouldn't be busy either.

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