Thursday, January 22, 2009

Arabist BBC lost its credibility years ago… (abu rabu family?)

Arabist BBC lost its credibility years ago… (what now?, abd rabu family?)

More Fake taers from Pallywood.

Arabist BBC lost its credibility years ago…

Yesterday (Jan 21, 2009), BBC’s gimmick was about a girl, a drama invented by Pallywood.

All the sources the BBC quoted was the Hamas-nick “father” (of a wounded girl) and other family (’Abd Rabou’) members, that they “saw” with their own eyes how the Israeli soldiers shot at them and eating chocolate & potato chips.
(Come to think of it, How can you shoot and eat at the same time? Or...
Have you seen an average person with an average tatse eatubg salty chips and sweet chocolate at the asme time?,
Never mind!).

As if the world hasn’t seen enough Pallywood fake reports and fake images?
Now, “based” on the story told by the family, the terrible biased BBC has taken and reported it as a “fact”.

But of course you never see the real facts in the middle east conflict, like of those Hamas Jihadists how they mingle with civilians to cause casualties, or any Israeli kids injured from Palestinians, because Israel does not exist as human beings in BBC’s vocabulary, all Israeli kids are all of a sudden “tanks” - while Palestinian Jiahdists are all “civilians”.

Any more fake tears out of Pallywood?

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