Wednesday, September 27, 2006

On "favoring" one group over antoher... the Global Phenomenon VS Racist drive against Israel

On "favoring" one group over antoher...

Who is Entitled to Gift Away Jewish National Rights? It is normal for a nation state to discriminate in favor of its own ethnic majority. For example, Israel is already discriminating in favor of Jews in its law of return. Similarly Germany favors in its laws ethnic Germans and facilitate their return and integration after absence from Germany of many generations, and nobody says that this discrimination is racist. On the other hand, millions of Turks live in Germany and neither them or their descendants have the German nationality and the right to vote in the national level, and this occurs when, in contrast to the analogous situation in Israel, Germany is not at war with Turkey.The situation is similar in Switzerland where for many years guest workers and their families find it very difficult to. get Swiss citizenship which is also made difficult by the fact that the local authority has to permit such a citizenship! The community of nations, as expressed in the Mandate (trust) for Palestine of the League of Nations has explicitly referred to Jews (only) being consulted in all matter national: "An appropriate Jewish agency shall be recognized as a public body for the purpose of advising and co-operating with the Administration of Palestine in such economic, social and other matters as may affect the establishment of the Jewish national home and the interests of the Jewish population in Palestine, and, subject always to the control of the Administration, to assist and take part in the development of the country.

No one charges that Estonians are "racists":Estonica : History : The emergence of Estonian independenceFor example the returning of the assets and industrial equipment evacuated to Russia during the First World War, the right to return home for all Estonians ...


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