Sunday, July 29, 2007

The bias language of dishonest CNN's headlines in reporting on "Palestinian terrorism"

The bias language of dishonest CNN's headlines in reporting on "Palestinian terrorism".

This is the usual nonsense, but it's important to highlight it one in a while.

Here you have again, one of the most noticable biased headlines on CNN, see the difference in reporting on fighting "Palestinian" terrorists.

The headlines of Saturday evening (July 28 2007, 9:29/10:29 PM ET) on CNN's headlines:

1)Leb. kills 8 militants in refugee camp.

2)Israeli troops kill 2 Palestinians in Gaza.

This means that whenever other Arabs fight "Palestinians", the "Palestinian" Arabs are being defined Islamic militants, but whemn Israel fights for it's survivals from Genocidal "Palestinian" terrorists, the terrorists are then (all of a sudden) being coated with such plain titles as: "Palerstinian people".

There you have it, Arabism.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Anti Freedom anti Catholics anti human rights: Hugo Chavez paid for & backed by ARAB LOBBY

Anti Freedom anti Catholics anti human rights: Hugo Chavez paid for & backed by ARAB LOBBY

Chavez forging his own links / Venezuelan president makes arms ..."The Arabs have appreciated Chavez's declarations of support, and the Arab League has promised to lobby in behalf of Venezuela in the United Nations."

President Chavez and Archbishop Porras spar punches in return bout

Critical foreigners will be expelled: Chavez

Defector: Chavez gave money to Al Qaeda

Chavez on Al Jazeera

Al Arabyia Supports Chavez

The Chavez Regime: Fostering Anti-Semitism and Supporting Radical ..."In that Zionist, criminal and terrorist state, the Arabs who are supposed ... Report: Anti-Semitism on Rise in Venezuela; Chavez Government "Fosters Hate" ...

Chavez pledges unity with Syria - Americas - MSNBC.comChavez develops ties with Arabs Chavez said he and Syria shared a "decisive and firm" stance against "imperialism" and American attempts for "domination." ...

Antisemitism And Racism, Responses to the intifada in the media, in wall graffiti and by Arab organizations in Venezuela such as FEARAB (Arab Federation for Latin America) were were directed at de-legitimizing the State of Israel, which was accused of causing the Palestinian tragedy.
The radical language used against Israel was not infrequently antisemitic, for example, the comparison of Israeli soldiers with Nazis...

He's also recalled Venezuela's ambassador to Israel, scoring big points among Arabs. Using Israel and the United States as punching bags, Chavez has become ...

"Palestinian Artists Find Venezuelan Ally -"The relationship between Venezuela and Israel has been strained ever since Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez began adopting an increasingly pro-Arab.

Chavez plans for terrorist regime: Venezuelan security officials ...Intelligence sources familiar with the cover-up say Chavez is withholding information on the Arabs, some of whom were important financial contributors to terrorism

BBC NEWS Middle East On tour with Chavez and AhmadinejadPresidents Ahmadinejad of Iran and Chavez of Venezuela revel in each others' ... than is usual with Western or Arab leaders in this security-conscious age.

From Venezuela, a counterplot: as agents from rogue Arab states ...Exhorting his countrymen to return to their "Arab roots," Chavez has paid state visits to Libya, Iraq and Iran and signed a series of mutual-cooperation ...

In 2001, Chavez paid state visits to and signed “cooperation agreements” with ... has illegally given more than 270 Venezuelan passports to Arab extremists. ...

Venezuela: Anatomy of a Dictator

BBC NEWS Americas Bishop attacks 'Chavez control'Bishop attacks 'Chavez control'. President Hugo Chavez The president of Venezuela's Catholic Bishops Conference, Baltazar Porras, has accused the ...

Catholic World News : Chavez renews conflict with Venezuelan bishops4, 2007 ( - Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has renewed his attacks on the country's Catholic hierarchy, saying that the Venezuelan bishops' ...

Chavez Threatens to Nationalize Private Hospitals in Venezuela

(Totalitarian) Hugo Chavez versus (free voice) RCTV

Strategy Op. Ed.: -Hugo Chavez -- "dictator-in-training"With the pieces in place, Chavez will get the legislature to "vote" for dictatorship. Chavez's dictatorship will squash those foolish enough to express ...

Venezuela's Chavez Squeezes Oil Companies With Taxes

Chavez Threatens Venezuela Central Bank Takeover

the full Arab League has voiced its support for UN Security Council Seat.

Descendants of Arabs thriving in S. America -DAWN - International ...Venezuela has a flourishing Arab community of about 1.5 million... business and commerce. Shop names like Flower of Palestine are a common ...

Japan Today - News - Chavez moves to nationalize power, telecoms firmsgo look at CNN, the americans are grooming Chavez to be Castro's replacement. .... They were all for taking out one of Chavez's Arab buddies. ...

History's Against Him, CARACAS, Venezuela Early on in Hugo Chávez's political career, the Venezuelan ... Chávez has developed what some observers call a postmodern dictatorship, ...

The constitutional changes draft has been leaked: the path to an eternal Chavez dictatorship

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The Right of Return of the Jewish

Zionists are trying the best to accomedate Arabs that cowardly left Israel "palestine" in 1948, but Arab racists & Islamofascists (within the Arab Muslim mainstream) still deny Jews' rights to return to their historic land.

The Right of Return of the Jewish People


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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Only Pluralistic Democratic Israel shows the "other side" / view

Only Pluralistic Democratic Israel shows the "other side" / view

While Islamo Arab remains totalitarian, unanimous in it's anti Israel bigotry & no Arab "entity" ever shows the truth or Israeli version of the "conflict", Democratic pluralistic Israel goes overboard with it's insane gestures to Arabs.

Arab schoolbooks cite Palestinian version of war
Middle East Times, Egypt -
JERUSALEM -- History textbooks for Israeli Arab students this year will, for the
first time, present the Palestinian version of Israel's creation as a ... MKs slam new
textbook featuring Palestinian view of 1948 war as ...
Israel Insider


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CEV fires back at (Arab lobby's Hugo Chávez (re: his attack on the Church & on Catholics)

CEV fires back at (Arab lobby's Hugo Chávez (re: his attack on the Church & on Catholics)
El Univeresal ^ July 2007

CEV fires back Chávez

These attacks do not offend bishops, but people of the Catholic Church, the Catholic people.

There is no secret who PAID for Hugo Chavez campaign, mainly by Arab merchants in Venezuela.

(The same Chavez that met with that Islamic Hitler Ahmadinejad and agreed to "criticize" Israel's defense against terroristic Iranian backed Hezbullah tactics of human shields in 2006).

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jew Fights for his home, invaded by Arab Squatters

Jew Fights for his home, invaded by Arab Squatters

July 2007

Yitzhaq Hershkovitz is fighting to regain control of his house from Arab squatters in "East" Jerusalem.

The INN TV Report with Aharon Deutch can been viewed by clicking here

...After a 15-year fight, Mr. Hershkovitz finally obtained a court order to have the squatters removed. Yet, the police has not been helpful in enforcing the evacuation. One of the issues was that the Arabs were keeping their goats hidden inside the house, which apparently is against the zoning regulations. However, every time the police arrived to execute the order, or rather do a pre-execution investigation, the goats are taken outside through the back an and hidden somehow. There is now a stay on the eviction order.

Fortunately, he has been getting some support from friends, including the Defense-training and Torah-study, IBF Canine Unit, based in K'far Tapu'ah.

I'll try to find out more information about what can be done to assist and support him.

Again, and again, Israeli Arabs are often favored OVER Israeli Jews, Did somebody (in the Arabist camp) say "apartheid"?

Israeli Arabs are first class citizens over Israeli Jews!


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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Nazis admitted Holocaust before Nurnberg trials

this article about Holocaust denial. Much more is documented in Irving v Lipstadt.

In 1922, Hitler told a journalist that: "Once I really am in power, my first and foremost task will be the annihilation of the Jews. As soon as I have the power to do so, I will have gallows built in rows - at the Marienplatz in Munich, for example - as many as traffic allows. Then the Jews will be hanged indiscriminately, and they will remain hanging until they stink; they will hang there as long as the principles of hygiene permit. As soon as they have been untied, the next batch will be strung up, and so on down the line, until the last Jew in Munich has been exterminated. Other cities will follow suit, precisely in this fashion, until all Germany has been completely cleansed of Jews." --Adolf Hitler, 1922. (Translation from Nizkor)


In 1943 Himmler spoke openly about the extermination of the Jewish people, as well as the equivocation used to cover it up, during a speech to SS Officers. An audio recording, as well as a transcription of the original German, is available on this website.

I also want to mention a very difficult subject before you here, completely openly.
It should be discussed amongst us, and yet, nevertheless, we will never speak about it in public.
Just as we did not hesitate on June 30 to carry out our duty, as ordered, and stand comrades who had failed against the wall and shoot them.
About which we have never spoken, and never will speak.
That was, thank God, a kind of tact natural to us, a foregone conclusion of that tact, that we have never conversed about it amongst ourselves, never spoken about it, everyone shuddered, and everyone was clear that the next time, he would do the same thing again, if it were commanded and necessary.
I am talking about the "Jewish evacuation": the extermination of the Jewish people.
It is one of those things that is easily said. "The Jewish people is being exterminated," every Party member will tell you, "perfectly clear, it's part of our plans, we're eliminating the Jews, exterminating them, ha!, a small matter."
And then along they all come, all the 80 million upright Germans, and each one has his decent Jew. They say: all the others are swine, but here is a first-class Jew.
And none of them has seen it, has endured it. Most of you will know what it means when 100 bodies lie together, when there are 500, or when there are 1000. And to have seen this through, and -- with the exception of human weaknesses -- to have remained decent, has made us hard and is a page of glory never mentioned and never to be mentioned.
Because we know how difficult things would be, if today in every city during the bomb attacks, the burdens of war and the privations, we still had Jews as secret saboteurs, agitators and instigators. We would probably be at the same stage as 1916-17, if the Jews still resided in the body of the German people.
We have taken away the riches that they had, and I have given a strict order, which Obergruppenführer Pohl has carried out, we have delivered these riches completely to the Reich, to the State. We have taken nothing from them for ourselves. A few, who have offended against this, will be [judged] in accordance with an order, that I gave at the beginning: He who takes even one Mark of this is a dead man.
A number of SS men have offended against this order. There are not very many, and they will be dead men - WITHOUT MERCY! We have the moral right, we had the duty to our people to do it, to kill this people who wanted to kill us. But we do not have the right to enrich ourselves with even one fur, with one Mark, with one cigarette, with one watch, with anything. That we do not have. Because at the end of this, we don't want, because we exterminated the bacillus, to become sick and die from the same bacillus.
I will never see it happen, that even one bit of putrefaction comes in contact with us, or takes root in us. On the contrary, where it might try to take root, we will burn it out together. But altogether we can say: We have carried out this most difficult task for the love of our people. And we have taken on no defect within us, in our soul, or in our character.


2 days later in another speech, Himmler said:

"We came to the question: what to with the women and children? I decided to find a clear solution here as well. I did not consider myself justified to exterminate the men - that is, to kill them or have them killed - and allow the avengers of our sons and grandsons in the form of their children to grow up. The difficult decision had to be taken to make this people disappear from the earth. For the organisation which had to execute this task, it was the most difficult which we had ever had. But it was accomplished, and without -- I believe I can say -- our men and their leaders suffering any mental or spiritual damage."


On 29 December 1942, Himmler presented Hitler with the "report to the Fuhrer on fighting against gangs", No. 51.1 This report, which covered the period from August to November, 1942, and which referred only to a part of the occupied Soviet area (southern Russia, Ukraine and the district of Bialystok); included the following numbers concerning persons imprisoned or executed:

  1. Bandits
         * a)established number of deaths after combat 1.337
         * b)prisoners executed immediately 737
         * c)prisoners executed after lengthy thorough interrogation 7.828
  2. Gang helpers and suspects
         * a)arrested 16.553
         * b)executed 14.257
         * c)Jews executed 363.211

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PALLYWOOD: Yup, it was 'Palestinian' Hamas in the kidnapping as well as in the "freeing" of BBC's Johnston

BBC reporter's freedom 'really staged for movie'

WorldNetDaily, OR - Jul 4, 2007

Rabbo charged Hamas was in "cahoots" with Johnston's kidnappers...

The BBC buys the game that Islamic Jihad has put forward for them: Kidnapping Johnston & then "freeing" him to appear a hero.

So if you knew already the vast documentation about BBC's anti Israel bigotry, it will only grow towards pro Jihadists fascism.

It's called: 'Palestinian guide, How to terrorize journalism & influence it via crimes'.

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