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By 8 a.m. May 26, 2000, the day after the Israeli withdrawal from south Lebanon was completed, there were already some spectators at Fatima's Gate, a former checkpoint between Israel and Lebanon, and the new Lebanese frontline with Israel.

Some were armed Hizbullah men with yellow flags, others curious citizens who came to observe the Israeli soldiers patrol the border just a few meters away.

Here you could buy some refreshments with which you could more fully enjoy your time at the border, or perhaps some Hizbullah memorabilia such as yellow T-shirts with the organization's emblem or pins of Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah.

Operating with their usual efficiency, Hizbullah activists quickly turned the spot into a theme-park, offering free guided tours of the area and information about the Israeli withdrawal and the historic victory of God's party. Stoning Israeli soldiers who came close to the fence was an added bonus for those who waited long enough.

After the first Lebanon War, one of those who came to stone "the Zionists," proudly posing for the camera, was renowned Palestinian historian Edward Said. Back in 2000, Said remarked: "The liberation [of south Lebanon] is a great achievement, nothing of this magnitude has happened in my lifetime... For the first time, an Arab group liberates land from Israeli forces not in the moral or... symbolic sense, but in the real and practical one. (Lebanese As-Safir newspaper, July 2000. Translation courtesy of MEMRI.)

Obviously, there were those who made sure that Said's words would be carried out - in Lebanon and beyond.

Preparing for the final battle
Hizbullah's presence in southern Lebanon was never a secret; the party's flags and posters of Nasrallah were seen from Israeli territory by the naked eye. Hizbullah men often paraded along the new border holding arms. The party's annual military parade was held in both Nabatiya and Bint Jbeil where some of the toughest battles happened this summer.

During these parades large quantities of arms, among them Katyushas, were displayed for all to see. And as Chekhov's rule states, if you introduce a gun in the first act, it must go off by the last.

Hizbullah activists, dressed in military uniforms and holding their yellow flags, didn't come out of thin air. Many were - and still are - residents of south Lebanese cities and villages, or had relatives there. They were many, they were armed, and they had cash; lots of it.

During the past six years, the South had experienced a remarkable recovery that was sponsored mainly by Hizbullah. The organization's construction company built community centers, hospitals and schools that were needed in the area. Their hospitals were better and cheaper than the government's, their schools offered free education and free meals for kids from needy families. Their construction company also lent materials for those who wanted to build their own houses to replace their old huts.

As it turned out, not only posh villas with red roofs were erected in Bint Jbeil and Ayta ash-Shaab, but also weapons warehouses, bunkers and military bases.

Not only money, but also weapons were pouring into the South, turning it into a Hizbullah bastion. Providing a wide social network for the population and fighting for the rights of local citizens - already sympathetic to the causes of God's party - Hizbullah activists gained overwhelming support and 100 percent freedom of movement and action in the area.

Moreover, in 2001, Hizbullah, whose funding came in part from the large hashish fields in the South, openly confronted the central government that insisted on eradicating these crops in the Beqaa valley. Hizbullah's MPs used the press to attack the government and the decision to eradicate the hashish fields in Beqaa was never fully implemented. This was just one more sign of the organization's rising strength - and the Lebanese government's growing weakness.

DRIVING TO the South from Beirut just a few days prior to the breakout of hostilities in the region, it struck me that I hadn't seen even one Lebanese army post or members of the Lebanese police force since I left the outskirts of Beirut. Not even traffic police appeared. (It turns out that there are moments when you actually do want to see traffic police.)

Since Israel pulled out of the South, neither the Lebanese nor the Syrian army had filled in the gap. Here, and in the southern suburbs of Beirut, there was little sympathy for the central government dominated by Christian Marronites and Sunni Muslims who seemed insensitive to the needs of the population in the South.

Even on the day of murdered prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri's funeral, the only regions that seemed unaffected by grief and sorrow were Harat al-Hreik in the southern suburb of Beirut, and Nabatiya - the capital of the South. In the vacuum created by the IDF's 2000 withdrawal, Nabatiya has also arguably become the capital of Hizbullahland.

Why didn't the Lebanese army deploy in the South right after Israel's withdrawal in 2000? I put the question to a colleague, a Lebanese journalist who covered south Lebanon affairs at the time.

"It was never a real option," he said. "Hizbullah was always a dominating force in this region, and the Lebanese army was indeed too weak to dictate its power. Some people in the government realized what a grave mistake it was making, but were not able to make a move. You also have to remember that at the time, Syria still held Lebanon firmly in its jaws."

Although the Syrian army was never deployed in the South (it had units in Beirut, Metn, Bekaa Valley, Tripoli, Batrum and Kafr Kalous), many arms deliveries that came through the Syrian-Lebanese border were conveyed or brought with the help of the Syrian army, which felt quite at home in Lebanon.

As for public opinion in the South, many Lebanese, not only among the Hizbullah supporters, always felt threatened by Israel and believed that in the case of attack or aggression, they could only seek the protection of "the resistance." Both in Lebanese cities and in Palestinian refugee camps I heard people saying, "They [Israel] will never leave Lebanon alone." Just a few months ago, when things were still quiet at the border with Israel, a man in the Ein-Hilwe Palestinian Refugee Camp, near the Lebanese town of Saida, showed me the machine-gun on the roof of his house and explained that it was meant for the Jews, when "they come."

As for the residents of south Lebanon, who have witnessed many Israeli incursions, they always trusted the armed resistance movements where their own sons had fought. They did not trust the impotent Lebanese army.

The trouble spot
There were some Lebanese who didn't wish to see the South turning into the Hizbullahland that it eventually became. A few courageous politicians and journalists constantly warned about the phenomena that threatened both Lebanese sovereignty and stability.

Among those who incessantly spoke and wrote about this menace was An-Nahar newspaper editor, Jibran Tweini. "We want to know, honestly, who supports the exclusive right of Hizbullah to conduct operations from Lebanese territory, according to its will and the will of its regional partners. We want to hear a clear position and not 'diplomatic' declarations supporting the problem but not clarifying if they actually support the operation, the decision-making [that led to it] and its implementation - unless the ghost of fear - of whom? - has taken control of those responsible and put a dampener on them and their independent decision-making," Tweini wrote in 2003.

Another famous Lebanese journalist, Khairallah Khairallah, warned that if measures weren't taken soon, every Lebanese would pay a high price for the impossible situation in the South.

"What is distressing, in light of all this, is that Hizbullah will not be the only loser in Lebanon if it continues to cling to its current position, [i.e.] refusing to move on to political activity following disarmament. The loser will be Lebanon - the country with no majority, merely groups of minorities that either win together or lose together," Khairallah wrote in the London Arabic paper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat in April 2005.

There were also some ministers and MPs who felt that Lebanon was in fact sitting on a barrel of explosives. But not the pro-Syrian president Emile Lahoud, who often said publicly that the disintegration of the South from the country was a somewhat alarming development and the speaker of the parliament, ex-leader of the Shiite Amal organization, Nabieh Berry. According to them, Hizbullah was not a militia, but a legitimate resistance organization which was fully entitled to exist. "If the resistance had not existed, Lebanon should have created it," said Berry, publicly speaking in May 2005 in Nabatiya (translation courtesy of MEMRI).

And so, despite criticism from certain circles, UN Resolution 1559 and a 17-month-old national dialogue aimed at disarming Hizbullah, the arms race in the South, Beqaa Valley and the southern suburbs of Beirut went on.

Back to the future
As we speak, the Lebanese army units are deploying in south Lebanon for the first time in 40 years. Just like Hizbullah combatants in May 2000, soldiers are being greeted by locals with flowers, rice and sweets, but also with Hizbullah banners on their houses.

The soldiers, many of whom are Shiites, entered the cities only to find themselves warmly embraced by a thick ring of locals, jollied at the view of "al-watan" (or "nationals," the nickname for the Lebanese army soldiers).

Will they and can they fulfill the difficult task of both guarding the area, preventing violations of the cease-fire and, at a later point, disarming Hizbullah and its ally Palestinian organizations in the area? The omens are not good.

It seems that the current Lebanese government is determined to preserve the cease-fire at any cost, publicly threatening anybody who puts it at risk.

At a press conference in Beirut held on July 20, Lebanese defense minister, Elias al-Murr, said that "anyone who will dare fire a rocket from the South will be dealt with as a traitor and subjected to military court."

But it seems as if keeping the cease-fire, at least for the moment, is also in Hizbullah's interests, since the organization needs some time to recuperate, reorganize and deal with the economic hardship of the local population. The burning question today is will and can the Lebanese army, with the help of neo-UNIFIL, stop the flow of weapons to the South, given that the Syrian-Lebanese border still remains the major port for such deliveries from both Syria and Iran.

Further, one of Hizbullah's websites has recently published an internal Lebanese army statement, circulated among forces in the past week, which calls for troops to "stand alongside your resistance and your people who astonished the world with its steadfastness and destroyed the prestige of the so-called invincible army after it was defeated."

The issue has also been discussed widely in the studio of Hizbullah's TV channel, Al-Manar. Its journalists repeatedly say that there is an understanding between the "resistance fighters" and the army over searching houses and fields for arms and confiscating them.

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World's smartest man is HUMBLE! Jewish math genius declines prize

Maths genius declines top prize

Perelman, ICM
Photos of the reclusive genius are rare

Grigory Perelman, the Russian who seems to have solved one of the hardest problems in mathematics, has declined one of the discipline's top awards.

Dr Perelman was to have been presented with the prestigious Fields Medal by King Juan Carlos of Spain, at a ceremony in Madrid on Tuesday.

In 2002, the mathematician claimed to have solved a century-old problem called the Poincare Conjecture.

So far, experts working to verify his proof have found no significant flaws.

There had been considerable speculation that Grigory "Grisha" Perelman would decline the award. He has been described as an "unconventional" and "reclusive" genius who spurns self-promotion.

The reason Perelman gave me is that he feels isolated from the mathematical community and therefore has no wish to appear as one of its leaders

Manuel de Leon, ICM chairman

The medals were presented to three other winners at the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) in Madrid.

John Ball, outgoing president of the International Mathematical Union, said he had travelled to St Petersburg to meet Perelman in person to try to understand his reasons for declining the award.

Professor Ball said he had spoken to Dr Perelman of personal experiences with the mathematical community during his career that had caused him to remain at a distance.

"However, I am unable to disclose these comments in public," he said, adding: "He has a different psychological make up, which makes him see life differently."

Manuel de Leon, chairman of the ICM, said: "The reason Perelman gave me is that he feels isolated from the mathematical community and therefore has no wish to appear as one of its leaders."

Prestigious honour

The Fields Medals come with prize money of 15,000 Canadian dollars (£7,000) for each recipient. They are awarded every four years, when the ICM meets. Founded at the behest of Canadian mathematician John Charles Fields, the medal was first presented in 1936.

Award winners pose for a photo at the ICM in Madrid  Image: AP
Five others were happy to accept their awards

In 1996, Perelman turned down a prize awarded to him by the European Congress of Mathematicians.

Observers suspect he will refuse a $1m (£529,000) prize offered by the Clay Mathematics Institute in Massachusetts, US, if his proof of the Poincare Conjecture stands up to scrutiny.

The Fields Medals are regarded as the equivalent of the Nobel Prize for mathematics. They are awarded to mathematicians under the age of 40 for an outstanding body of work and are decided by an anonymous committee. The age limit is designed to encourage future endeavour.

The winners are Andrei Okounkov of Princeton University; Terence Tao from the University of California, Los Angeles; and Wendelin Werner of the University of Paris-Sud in Orsay, France.

Exemplary behaviour

"It's quite an honour - very different to anything that's happened to me before. This prize is the highest in mathematics," Terence Tao told the BBC News website.

"Most prizes are specific to a single field, but this recognises achievement across the whole of mathematics."

Tao received the award for a diverse body of work that, amongst other things, has shed light on the properties of prime numbers. Despite being the youngest of the winners at 31, he has a variety of mathematical proofs to his name and has published over 80 papers.

Terence Tao  Image: ICM

This prize is the highest in mathematics

Terence Tao, Fields Medal winner

Fellow winner Wendelin Werner, whose work straddles the intersection between maths and physics, commented: "We are all around 40 years old - so still relatively young. It's a big honour but also quite a lot of pressure for the future."

Andrei Okounkov, who works on probability theory, commented: "I suppose we will have to exhibit exemplary behaviour from now on, because a lot of people will be watching."

A spokesperson for the Clay Mathematics Institute said it would put off making a decision on an award for the Poincare Conjecture for two years. The $1m prize money could be split between Perelman and US mathematician Richard Hamilton who devised the "Ricci flow" equation that forms the basis for the Russian's solution.

Grigory Perelman was born in Leningrad (St Petersburg) in 1966 in what was then the Soviet Union. Aged 16, he won the top prize at the International Mathematical Olympiad in Budapest.

Having received his doctorate from St Petersburg State University, he taught at various US universities during the 1990s before returning home to take up a post at the Steklov Mathematics Institute.

Century-old problem

He resigned from the institute suddenly on 1 January, and has reportedly been unemployed since, living at home with his mother.

"He was very polite but he didn't talk very much," said Natalya Stepanovna, a former colleague at the Steklov Mathematics Institute in St Petersburg. On his decision to resign his post, she speculated: "Maybe he wanted to be free to do his research."

Andrei Okounkov  Image: International Congress of Mathematicians

I suppose we will have to exhibit exemplary behaviour from now on, because a lot of people will be watching

Andrei Okounkov, Fields Medal winner

Dr Perelman gained international recognition in 2002 and 2003 when he published two papers online that purported to solve the Poincare Conjecture.

The riddle had perplexed mathematicians since it was first posited by Frenchman Henri Poincare in 1904.

It is a central question in topology, the study of the geometrical properties of objects that do not change when they are stretched, distorted or shrunk.

The hollow shell of the surface of the Earth is what topologists call a two-dimensional sphere. If one were to encircle it with a lasso of string, it could be pulled tight to a point.

On the surface of a doughnut, however, a lasso passing through the hole in the centre cannot be shrunk to a point without cutting through the surface.

More dimensions

Since the 19th Century, mathematicians have known that the sphere is the only enclosed two-dimensional space with this property. But they were uncertain about objects with more dimensions.

The Poincare Conjecture says that a three-dimensional sphere is the only enclosed three-dimensional space with no holes. But proof of the conjecture has so far eluded mathematicians.

Two other maths prizes were awarded at the meeting in Madrid. The Nevanlinna Prize is awarded for advances in mathematics made in the field of information technology. It went to Jon Kleinberg, a professor of computer science at Cornell University. His work into link-related web searching has influenced Google.

The newly created Carl Friedrich Gauss prize for applications of mathematics was awarded to the Japanese mathematician Kiyoshi Ito. Ill health meant the 90-year-old could not receive the prize - worth $11,500 - in person. It was picked up by his youngest daughter, Junko.

The award honoured his achievements in the mathematical modelling of random events.

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Reuters Photo Fraud, nothing new!

Reuters Photo Fraud, nothing new!

From: David Frankfurter -

Dear friends,

The blogosphere expressed a level of surprise when Reuters was caught
falsifying and staging photos, seeming to completely integrate into the
Hezballywod propaganda machine.

I have been loading my archive history, and came across Reuters complicity
in anti-Israel propaganda early in 2001. See - exposing staged
photography by Reuters journalist Suhaib Salem, with a blatantly misleading
caption. And a Google search on the man stumbled over the following piece
from the Wall Street Journal of a year and a half later.

Wonder what motivates Reuters?

Monday, June 3, 2002 2:40 p.m. EDT
Family Ties--I
Remember Suhaib Salem? He's the Reuters photographer whom Israel arrested in
Gaza on May 22 on suspicion of terrorism--the Israelis claimed, and he
denied, that he had a grenade in his possession--then released last week.
The Associated Press reports that Salem's brother Salah was "one of the men
involved in the kidnapping and killing of Israeli soldier Cpl. Nachson
Waxman in 1994. Both Salah Salem and Waxman were killed when the Israelis
attempted to rescue Waxman." Reuters doesn't seem to have mentioned Salah
Salem in its coverage of his brother's arrest.

Suhaib Salem, of course, is not responsible for his brother's actions, and
we know of no reason to doubt he's fine journalist. (Here's a sample of
his work, a shot of an unnamed Palestinian man enjoying a tender moment with
the founder of the terror group Hamas.) But isn't there an obvious conflict
of interest in assigning the brother of a Palestinian terrorist--or, in
Reutervillian parlance, of "another man's freedom fighter"--to cover the
Israeli-Arab conflict?

The AP reports that when Salem was arrested, he was on his way to Japan to
cover the World Cup, a soccer tournament. If the folks at Reuters are really
in the business of news rather than propaganda, they ought to let Salem stay
in Japan, or else reassign him to cover some other part of the world where
there would be no obvious reason to question his objectivity.

A second Reuters staffer, TV cameraman Jussry al-Jamal, remains in Israeli
custody, the AP reports.

Lebanon warns 'Palestinians'

Lebanon warns 'Palestinians' Jerusalem Post, Israel - Aug 20, 2006 Lebanon's defense minister said he was certain Hizbullah would not break the cease-fire but warned rogue Palestinian groups of harsh measures and a traitor's ...

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The Hezbullah Terrorists' Manual (& the losers always "win")

The Hezbullah Terrorists' Manual

1) Make sure your kids are in the target so they could be sacrificed in the altar of demonizing the Zionists.
2) 'Good' Muslim husbands, put your wives and kids in the launchers location number 1, or in any other attacking point so they could go to heaven right away, you "brave men" -- however keep firing bombs from location number 2, you are not that fortunate to be ready just yet.
3) After you members fire directly at Israeli civilians and during the entire "resistance" to Zionists civilians in northern Israel, learn your tongue the few basic words in English, to say 'I'm not Hezbollah, I am "innocent" civilian, I only support Hezbollah "morally"...' Make sure your wives know these most important words, it's extremely important in our propaganda war, even the infidel BBC drama-producers all just love us for that.
4) We prefer in sacrificing our human shields, to be of Arab kids, the more-little the better, the first price goes to the bloodiest baby caused.
5) And remember, you never lose!, Whatever happens, we are the "winners", if we die, we are "heroes", if we don't we are MORE heroes, actually, when we LOSE we "win", Arab logic, Don't ask why, just dance in the street when we tell you to!

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67 Years to: The Hebron massacre 1929 by Arabs - (another) important milestone, Arab propaganda machine would want you to ignore

The Hebron massacre 1929 by Arabs - (another) important milestone, Arab propaganda machine would want you to ignore Why?Fascism, what else?Or Why does Huzbullah & Hamas not recognize Israel to live?BTWMost Jews massacred were non Zionists, pious - religious.

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Hezbollah is Using Christian Villages to Shield its Military Operations in Violation of International Law

* For Interviews with key pro-democracy activists inside and outside of Lebanon, contact: Rev. Dr. Keith Roderick, 202-498-8644,

Contact: Rev. Dr. Keith Roderick, 202-498-8644,

Hezbollah is Using Christian Villages to Shield its Military Operations in Violation of International Law

WASHINGTON, August 1, 2006: Hezbollah is using Christian villages to shield its military operations against Israel. Southern Lebanese Christian villages, such as Ain Ebel, Rmeish, Alma Alshaab, and others are being used by Hezbollah terrorists for launching missile attacks.

"Hezbollah is repeating the same pattern that it practiced against Israel in 1996," says former South Lebanese Army commander, Col. Charbel Barkat. "Hezbollah is hiding among civilian populations and launching attacks behind human shields."

A Christian from the village of Ain Ebel, who is nameless because he fears retribution by Hezbollah, discovered Hezbollah guerillas were setting up a launcher to fire Katyusha rockets from the rooftop of his home. Ignoring his pleas to stop, they fired the missiles. He immediately gathered his family and fled home, which indeed was bombed and destroyed 15 minutes later by an Israeli air strike.

In addition to having their homes commandeered for launching Hezbollah's attacks, there have been attempts to obstruct Christians from fleeing their villages.

On Saturday, July 28, Hezbollah fighters fired upon several Christians fleeing Rmeish with their families, wounding two according to Christian sources in south Lebanon. Hezbollah has been the ruling power in the south since Israel withdrew from Lebanon six years ago. Christian villages suffer from extensive neglect of infrastructure under Hezbollah rule. Even though Christians pay the taxes for basic government services, such as road repair and other utilities, these services are rarely provided. On the other hand, Shiite villages supportive of Hezbollah do not pay taxes and benefit from infrastructure development and new residential and business construction. Once the majority, the Christian population in Lebanon since the civil war has declined to under 40% due to pressures by Islamic militias supported by Iran and Syria.

"Hezbollah is the issue," warns Rev. Dr. Keith Roderick, Washington Representative of Christian Solidarity International and secretary general of the Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights. "A misrepresentation of the position of most Lebanese Christians is underway." Roderick recently traveled to Lebanon to meet with the leaders of the Cedar Revolution and Lebanese activists.

Sami El-Khoury, president of the World Maronite Union, says that reports on Christian support for Hezbollah are misleading. "Contrary to Western press reports, indicating high percentages of Christian support for Hezbollah, 90% of Christians, 80% of Sunni and 40% of Shiites in Lebanon oppose Hezbollah," says El-Khoury.

Christian Solidarity International (CSI) laments the destruction and violence inflicted upon the Lebanese country and acknowledges that the international community must play a role in Lebanon's restoration. It also recognizes that if Hezbollah is not disarmed, the future of Lebanese Christians and all pro-democracy supporters will be bleak. "The Lebanese government should focus their rage against Hezbollah, not Israel," notes Tom Harb, secretary general for the International Committee for UN Security Council Resolution 1559 (UNSCR 1559).

CSI calls for the U.N. to establish a politically independent commission to investigate Hezbollah's violations of the Geneva Convention's provision for the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts (Protocol 1). This protocol prohibits the use of civilians as military shields. CSI also calls on the U.N. Security Council to deploy without further delay an international force in southern Lebanon and eastern Lebanon to facilitate a cease fire between Israel and Hezbollah, stop the flow of arms from Syria to Hezbollah, and assist the Lebanese government in fulfilling its obligation to disarm Hezbollah in accordance with UNSCR 1559.

If you no longer wish to receive news from Sliwa News, please indicate this in your return email. Thank you

M. Sliwa Public Relations
973-272-2861, 212-202-4453

"Palestinian" Arab Muslim Racism, against blacks too!

"Palestinian" Arab Muslim Racism, against blacks too!

PALESTINIAN MEDIA USE RACIST TERMS FOR CONDI RICE: Newspapers ..., CA - Aug 2, 2006* The Palestinians’overall hatred ... Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has been using racist terms in ... A cartoon that ran last week in the PA controlled Al Quds ...
Black Activists Condemn Racist Rice Cartoons in Palestinian Press ... Newswire (press release), DC - Aug 4, 2006... her as "Brown Sugar," Ted Rall's cartoon suggesting she ... leftist knuckleheads showed their true racist colors by ... Now, the Palestinians have sunk into the same ...
Pali media welcomes “colored,” “dark-skinned,” “black ... Air, MD - Jul 31, 2006Which is more racist, the rhetoric itself or the free pass Palestinians get from ... A cartoon last week in the PA controlled Al Quds depicted Rice pregnant ... In order to show you the most...

Then again, we see the Arab racism on blacks in Africa, full forth, or in Egypt on native Egyptians, for example.

Gabrielle Goldwater's open letter to Prime Minister Olmert

Gabrielle Goldwater's open letter to Prime Minister Olmert


To Prime Minister
Ehud Olmert

Geneva Switzerland August 14th 2006

Dear Mr. Olmert;

It is with the utmost sadness as a Jew and Holocaust Survivor, that today I have to see that You surrendered our Jewish Homeland Security to an organization which in her deepest core, is anti-Semitic, and the most helpful tool serving Islamo Fascism -
I talk about the UN and it's leader Sec. Gen. Kofi Annan.

Looking back in history my father would turn in his grave knowing that Jews have NOT stood tall - but caved in and threw our souls and blood onto the soil of the enemy and surrendered to the UN

History of the Golani must ring in your ears now strongly Sir ... as you did disappoint so very many as well as your very own Golani brigade that has given their blood - But for what - The UN - to take over Israel's security - which we very well know they failed each single time.

Whereas the UN miserably failed and lied in the past, serving the Hizbullah already then.

The very UN Who undermined Lebanon's Sovereignty ? Undermined Israel's security ?

Sir; Have you forgotten about the Har Dov Kidnapping - United Nations and Israel in the past ?

The Golani brigade was formed on 28 February, 1948 when the Levanoni brigade deployed on Israel's Lebanese border was divided into two smaller brigades.

Have you forgotten history ?

Golani was stationed in the valleys and hills of the Lower Galilee in northern Israel. Their combatants included members of the Haganah, residents of settlements in the areas of combat, and enlisted soldiers from all over the country.

Prior to the Declaration of Independence, the soldiers of the brigade fought in the areas of Mishmar Ha'emek, Tiberias, Migdal, Zemach and Rosh Pinna.

Their mission was to defend the Upper Galilee and the Galilee valleys. They also participated in the victory at Safed in Operation Yiftach. They captured Arab Sejera, and Bet Shean and its environs.

Upon the foundation of the State, Arab armies invaded the country. In the North, this included the Syrian army, the Iraqi army, the Lebanese army, and Kaukji's irregulars.

The Golani brigade was deployed to face this threat then - They stood tall, although it had severely depleted ranks and was short of arms, They were Israel's pride and Israel's security.

The Golani Brigade succeeded in bringing the Syrian columns of armor and infantry to a halt, sometimes through the use of Molotov cocktails and face-­to-­face combat.

Mr. Olmert ... you also will remember; Israel undertook the 1956 Sinai Campaign in response to developments in the international arena. It was the Golani's mission to capture the Rafah area, in order to provide Israeli armored forces with a clear road into Egyptian territory.

From 1965, the brigade was integrated into ongoing anti­terrorist operations including Shune and Kilat in Jordan, and Hilweh in Lebanon.

The 1973 Yom Kippur War, Just before hostilities broke out, Golani troops were sent to man outposts in the northern sector of the Golan Heights.

The Golani brown berets received recognition as an elite force in the 1976 Entebbe Operation.

Golani units participated in the spectacular rescue of Israeli nationals after their plane had been hijacked to Uganda.

This was not a prize for past achievement but simply acceptance that only the best would go on this mission, and Golani were the best.

Mr. Olmert; as you know yourself - I could carry on about the Golani units for ever ......

Sir, You yourself, as a Golani IDF Combat Infantry Unit Officer, you not only disappointed us Jews World-Wide in the Diaspora, You have mainly disappointed Your very own units in not being prepared to be a Leader now.

You have not shown Leadership to your citizens, but you only showed kowtowing to an organization that is trying to defeat Israel on a daily basis - The UN.

Sir You failed your mission to us Jews as a leader.


Gabrielle Goldwater

Switzerland, Geneva
Internet Correspondent and Commentator << under construction
Member of "Funding for Peace Coalition" [FPC]
[ ]

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
--Albert Einstein

To paraphrase one of the greatest moral insights of the Talmud, those who show mercy to the cruel will be cruel to the merciful.

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"Civilians", "civilians", Is there any Huzbullah terrorist in Lebanon, CNN's Jim Clancy?

"Civilians", "civilians", Is there any Huzbullah terrorist in Lebanon, CNN's Jim Clancy?

Sickening CNN's "Know all" Jim Clancy's hammering us with that term "civilians"

I was watching the repetitions of CNN's "report" made by Jim Clancy (he's also active on the 'Inside the middle east' with Hala Gorani), a report that was actually telling you one word, over and over again, "civilians", "civilians", he made sure we heard that it's "civilians".

1) How does Jim know who's a civilian or not, even Arabist BBC admitted that many are terrorists and they can't know for sure how many.

2) How about that Israel's army estimates Hizbollah dead at 530 Reuters AlertNet that's 530 terrorists out of what Lebanon claims to be "800" plus? we already saw the Lebanese "figure" inflated at the Qana, from 26 to "53", on this equation, not much of real "civilians" are left in the account, if you do the math.

An Islamist asked me: Are they guilty until proved innocent? My response: Is Israel guilty of going after civilians until proved innocent, since this "civilians" term is to tarnish Israeli defenders, Jim Clancy better have proof that the "civilians" are not Huzbullah, armed or accessories of the combatants.

Point is, that if Jim Clancy wants so much to claim they are mostly "civilians" , he can do it "in the name of Lebanese sources", but not as his assertion, unless he has the obvious intentions of not just reporting the news...

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The 'boom' of 'Palestinian' export of slaughtering own babies

The 'boom' of 'Palestinian' export of slaughtering own babies
The shock over,23599,20119082-1702,00.html Baby bombing plot 'chilling',23739,20119470-953,00.html Babies are new terror chill factor is understood, but all (MSM) media putlet besides (Fox' "line-up" program) failed to recognize the champions in the evil, never forget that the full rights of the invention goes exclusively to the ones & only wonderful "Palestinian" Arab Muslims, the "heroic" nation on earth.

The saturated & documented data on the cult of death, of human bombs, with or without the kids' notice, the cult of using own kids as human shields, as swifted off from Gazaland to Huzbullah-land, this goes to all those "civilians" in Lebanon we keep hearing from the MSM, well, after all they share the same passion (Isn't the "solidarity" between them so heart warming?), What? love for anything? you got to be kidding, unless you are referring to love of hate and love of death of course.

What are kids for? hey mommy "Palestine"!

Israel "palestine" 101

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The Arab Muslim sick love affair with bloody graphic photos of dead kids

The Arab Muslim sick love affair with bloody graphic photos of dead kids

What's the sexiest object in Arab Muslim culture?

Don't get me wrong, of course sex is all over the place in their world, beneath the veil, in fact research in cyberspace has found that most explicit thirst hardcore porn, for most kinky & twisted sex come from loggers out of Arab Muslim countries, I am referring sexiest, besides the sex issue, be surprised it's the unfortunate photos smeared in blood of killed or injured Arab kids.

When you see the Jihadi ritual of "Palestinian" Arabs dipping their fingers into dead bodies that were killed either by own "suicide"/genocide bombing or by the democratic stae of Israel fighting to survive from totalitarian terrorists, their dance in blood, their vouch for blood, it all has a bloody connection in their bloody cult.

It is very much connected to the stoning by Palestinian Arabs of 2 youth in Tekoa, when they were done torturing, stoning them to death and mutilating their bodies, the "Palestinian freedom fighters" wrote with their blood those "heroic" hate messages on the wall.

That's where the Arab reporter that USED to contribute photos to Reuters was caught (only recently) editing photos, that's why the Arab media is so full of iot 24/7, that's why Huzbollah Islamic terrorists love so much to cauuse the Lebanese (that some of them are) civilians to die, their preference is of course deads babies, the more the better, so their evil hatred and pointing at the IDF defenders could be drama, big time.

That's exactly how the official mainstream Muslim students Accociation in the US uses it's sick "voice".

"We are the victims, please show us more photos, the more graphic the better, the hormones of Arab Muslim TV viewers cry out loud.

A cult of blood, especially the "Palestinain" part of Islamo Arabs that have the BLOOD VOUCH embedded into their 'natioal hymm' ("With blood and fire we'll liberate..."), imagine that.

What's even more sickening is that they're so damn proud of the bloddiness.

Good Arab Christians VS Islamized Arab "Christians"

Good Arab Christians VS Islamized Arab "Christians"

You hear so much about Arab Christians in the middle east, the tiny minority in the midle east, what's the real truth about them are they all really just "Arab Christians"?

What about those Arab "Christians" that hate America?

Well, you have to differenciate between heroic beautiful Arab Christians like Joseph Farah ( ), Brigitte Gabriel ( ), Nonie Darwish ( ), Walid Shoebat ( ) on one hand, and the Zogby Arab american "activists" or lobbyists on the other side, worse are the Christian Arabs that have always been anti American and more apologetic to terrorists Islamists.

You have to understand that Arabs as a whole ae much connected to their Islam influence, since that's where it was "born", this sentimental wave of feelings could go even further, up to cover for Islamists' crimes.

Though many heroic Arab Christians do manage to break up from the Islamization chains, that only keep growing, you live with them, or rather INTO them, after all.

Of course 'Palestinian' Arab Christians have nothing to do with Jesus' Christians in an ethnic sense, Jesus and his first followers were Jews, and Arab immigration to the holyland including into Bethlehem & Nazareth were not that long ago.

American Congress for Truth Update
The 0.6 million Arab Christians, including those living within the Jewish state are experiencing one of their most severe choices: Surrender to Islamization ...

"The Anti-Millennium: The Islamization of Nazareth" by Raphael Israeli
The process of Islamization of Nazareth has been gradual. ... In June 1996, an Arab-Christian psychology student surveyed high school students in Nazareth ...

Bat Yeor on Dhimmitude on National Review Online
Lebanese Christians fought against the Islamization of their country ... Collaborators are recruited among Christians who identify themselves as Arabs. ...

Peace activist murdered by Palestinian (Why not?, an infidel is an infidel!)

Peace activist murdered by Palestinian (Why not?, an infidel is an infidel!),7340,L-3289726,00.html 08.11.06

Angelo Frammartino, a 24 year-old student from Italy who arrived in Israel as a human rights organization activist, was stabbed to death Thursday by an Arab knifeman.
"He believed in what he did and was always ready to help others," a friend described him.
The website of Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera reported that Frammartino was working for the setting up of a children's supper camp for Palestinians in Jerusalem's Old City, and was supposed to return to Italy on Friday.
The youth was stabbed in the back while walking with four friends in the Sultan Suleiman street in the capital, near the Prahim Gate.
The attacker left the knife at the scene of the crime and fled. Police set up checkpoints in the area and arrested three suspects for suspected involvement.
It is believed that the attack was a nationalistically motivated terror attack, and not an attempted robbery.
Resuscitation attempts by Magen David Adom paramedics who arrived on the scene could not save him, and Frammartino was declared dead due to loss of blood.
Frammartino, a resident of Monta Rotondo, arrived in Israel at the start of the month with an Italian organization, ARCI, working to advance human rights in the world.
He planned for the experience for a year and was chosen with another youth from his city to take part in the project.
Frammartino was a law student. "He was very interested in politics and in the issues of society, like his father," said Monta Rotondo's Mayor, Anonino Lopi. "Something so beautiful ended in such a tragic way," he added.
The mayor expressed his condolescenes on behalf of the whole city.
'Not an extremist, just a pacifist'
In a letter sent a few months ago to a local newspaper, Angelo expressed his world view: "We must recognize that in a situation with no violence is a luxury in many parts of the world, but we are not seeking to prevent legitimate self defense operations. I never dreamt of condemning the resistance, the blood of the Vietnamese, the blood of nations under colonial occupation, or the blood of Palestinian youths from the first intifada," he said.
Angelo's neighbor said his parents were worried by their son's request to go on a 'different holiday,' but were proud of it and did not oppose. They set out on holiday, leaving their eldest daughter, Francesca, at home. She was alone when the news from Jerusalem came.
"My parents are on holiday. When they return, the house will never be the same as before," said a neighbor who burst out in tears. "He was a golden guy. He dealt with politics but he wasn't an extremist. He was just a pacifist, the poor guy."

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Another Arabist photo in question, an AP photo, what else is new?

Another Arabist photo in question, an AP photo, what else is new?,7340,L-3288406,00.html AP Beirut photo faces questions

Islamists to Zionists: "We'll make SURE our kids die, so we can murder yours"!

Islamists to Zionists: "We'll make SURE our kids die, so we can murder yours"!

Israel's war of not hitting Arab civilians VS Islamists FOR it.

Since the bluff of Islamists having issues kept being revealed with each "one way" concession by the Zionists to the "never sattisfied" Arabs, more so when the Zionists gave Gaza land to the "Palestinians" and the "Palestinians" overwhelmingly gave the region and to the world the gift of: electing officially the terrorists of Hamas to be their leaders.

They never can justify their killing of civilians, intentionally, how do they combat with this most honest most human and moral basic question ever?

So they came up with a plan, how to make sure their kids die, Hamas actually masterminded it, to use own kids as human shields, either firing with machine guns behind the "little stones throwers", or firing from among their families.

But great humane Israel (Israel VS Evil), can't stomach even collateral damage, so they try always to warn the residents of an operation coming so that they should evacuate.

That is of course extremely costly, since such warnings, whether in Gaza or in Lebanon are chasing the terrorists away as well, but beautiful Israel is willing to sacrifice so much to spare Arab children that their adults hate so much but love for them to be killed on the altar of "public reltaion" and that "victimhood" so sacred for the dirty Islamists.

If you want to see the deeper picture, (not only the true vs. exaggerated fake photos, just exposed on Reuters, etc. but) the real picture of Israel VS. Islamists.

Israel fights so mighty hard to AVOID civilian casualties on EITHER side, Islamists fight for the GREATER MASSACRES of CIVILIANS even on Arab Muslim side, since it serves their purpose of: "you see? Zionists are killing civilians too, they are not much better", so they can go ahead with what they always want, to massacre all non Muslims, especially the Israelis.

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